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The Win City Duc Hoa is a new project launched in 2022 after the success of the Diamond City project built by the investor is a reputable real estate corporation in Long An province. The Win City Duc Hoa is located in a golden position, which is a large street frontage in the middle of Duc Hoa city. The project not only brings quality residential products that bring a different living experience, but it also opens up golden investment opportunities while housing projects are scarce, for investors to grasp. get the chance. Let's find out more about this project The Win City Duc Hoa now!

Investor of The Win City Thang Loi project win city

The investor of The Win City Duc Hoa is Thang Loi Group (Thang Loi Group). As a real estate corporation specializing in investing and trading in real estate, apartments, townhouses in golden locations in districts of Long An and adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City. Thang Loi Group has long been a very prestigious name in the real estate business world, having outstandingly successful projects such as The Diamond City or The Sol City. Thang Loi Group has always affirmed its position in the market.

Prime location of The Win City Thang Loi project căn hộ win city

The Win City Duc Hoa project has a favorable location, right in front of provincial road 10 of Duc Hoa Dong commune, in the center of Duc Hoa district, Long An province. Not only is it a place of outstanding industrialization with tens of thousands of knowledge workers, engineers, managers, experts and foreign public employees living and working, but it also inherits a network of Developed traffic, linked with key inter-regional roads such as provincial road 10, provincial road 830, national highway N2, convenient for trade, connecting regions, quickly accessing existing utilities of the city. local here. This is also a location adjacent to Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh City, so it can be easily circulated back to the city center. Ho Chi Minh City is about 30 minutes through many routes.

Outstanding utilities of The Win City Thang Loi project

Although the location is not an urban area, when you live here, you will experience the conveniences of a modern lifestyle no less than in a lavish urban area. This factor has been invested heavily by the contractor, giving his customers the most convenient and comfortable experience. The outstanding facilities here can be mentioned such as: Trade center, supermarket, community living area connecting residents, park area, flower garden, small landscape, fitness area, sports and entertainment area. indoor and outdoor, play area for children, internal school, security system to ensure optimal safety for customers 24/24. In addition to those facilities, customers also have access to external facilities such as: Tan Tao General Hospital, Tan Tao University, preschool - primary - secondary school - high school, Ba HOM Market, People's Committee, Post Office electricity, police, industrial zones such as Tan Do Industrial Park,
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As an important and indispensable utility in any apartment project, investors should pay special attention to investing in any utility, in addition to designing a beautiful, spacious swimming pool, a swimming pool equipped with Equipped with a standard modern water filter system to help residents swim and relax.

5. There are also many other facilities: Play area for children, internal school, 24/24 security system, security gate for each zone, BBQ area, multi-purpose sports field, outdoor fitness area sky, free gym, smart parking system.

The total plan of The Win City Thang Loi project

The Win City Duc Hoa project is built on a total area of ​​​​12 hectares, including 18 blocks 24-33 floors high, providing the market with about 10,000 modern design apartments, apartment areas from 50m² - 80m². . With a construction density of 45%, Thang Loi Group has focused on the land to build a green piece as well as develop utilities in the most perfect way, giving customers a fresh and comfortable life combined with the prosperity in the upper class.

Elegant, modern apartment design the win city

The Win City Duc Hoa is designed with the most prestigious architects, the design of the project has a modern style, catching up with the current trend of emerging apartments. The design is based on the criteria of green, healthy and comfortable living standards, helping customers have a true settlement of a warm house, a wise resting place after stressful working hours, relieve pressure, reduce stress. Design with the goal of not being outdated or less modern in 5-10 years. In addition, the design of the apartments is equipped with a loggia to help the apartment be both airy, not secretive, and create more space for the owner to have more

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convenience in drying clothes. The design also aims to optimize the living space to help the owner have the most area, providing a comfortable and most comfortable life.

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